When researching online content marketing and how to effectively integrate the latest business practices into your company’s website, you’ll likely find thousands upon thousands of articles, websites, and how-to guides on SEO – but what does it mean and how does it work?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is an online marketing technique that started making waves around the time that Internet users started performing generalized searches. Over time, Google took the lead in customizing how marketers and webmasters could alter their content to increase their traffic. I started working with SEO in 2009, when content and keywords were making waves in the online marketing world. Since that time, Google’s content standards have led the industry and SEO professionals have continuously had to refine their skills, utilizing the newest tools, refining common tags and generating original content designed to attract the crawlers without being blacklisted for a variety of reasons including keyword spam.

After copious amounts of research on keywords and target audience, an SEO professional begins to craft unique, targeted content that’s designed to not only attract the attention of search engine crawlers, but also clients looking for your services or products. Each individual page of your company’s website should have unique, keyword-rich content to increase your overall visibility. The more pages with unique content with SEO integration works to bring your website to the first page of search results, which is ultimately where you want to be for your product or service.

The best SEO professionals understand how to seamlessly integrate targeted keywords with unique yet relevant content for their users. This forces companies to demonstrate their respect and knowledge of the online marketing industry’s power in the success or failure of their business. When companies are dedicated to their own success, they hire the best marketing professionals for consultation and integration.

If you’re ready to integrate SEO content into your website and have the Internet start working for your company, contact Meredith G. Loos and learn how her services can increase your overall visibility.