Who is Jennifer Elizabeth Masters?

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an intuitive life coach with a focus on love, relationships and sex. Jennifer is a highly-qualified coach and who differentiates herself from other life coaches in a variety of ways, including that she is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Energy Healer, Reader of the Akashic Records, Certified Life Coach, an Expert on Great Sex and Loving Relationships. Jennifer uses her personal journey of healing her own pain and transforming her life to help her clients also transform their lives moving from Victim to Victor. Jennifer’s loving energy can be felt through her blogs, her podcasts, her photos and her websites, and she continues to create customized, unique programs designed to help her clients create meaningful, loving relationships.

If you’re currently in need of valuable life guidance or coaching assistance, contact Jennifer Elizabeth Masters on her website and set up your discovery meeting to learn more about her services.

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters & Meredith G. Loos’s Online Strategy

I met Jennifer Elizabeth Masters through a chance introduction after working with one of her sons many years ago in a restaurant in Canton, Georgia. Searching for guidance about life and relationships, I contacted Jennifer via email to inquire about her services and rates. From there, I began working with Jennifer as her client, and when our initial session went over time, I offered her SEO expertise to Jennifer’s new website, The Aphrodite Effect.

After incorporating valuable SEO tactics into the backend of Jennifer’s website, the two began working together on deeper levels to increase client conversions on Jennifer’s website and increase her business clientele. Since our initial introduction, I have created a content marketing strategy centered around creating individual landing pages for new programs and redeveloping certain aspects of her website to help potential clients more easily locate pertinent information about programs and services.

I am additionally Jennifer’s Social Media Manager, working in her social media channels to increase her visibility and engagement. Using her social media expertise, I write intriguing social media posts that drive clients to Jennifer’s blog and website, increasing her overall clientele basis and transforming readers into clients.

I continue to work with Jennifer as an ongoing marketing consultant and friend, offering business and website advice from my years of experience.

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Let me create your company’s unique and effective online content marketing strategy and increase your company’s clients and sales. If you’ve been wondering how to effectively and efficiently break into the online marketing world, I can provide the knowledge and strategy. Request your free consultation online or via telephone at 770-713-3782.

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