Who is Juice Market 101?

Juice Market 101 is a local Atlanta startup providing top-quality, natural, organic juices to people who lead a busy lifestyle but want to be more health-conscious. Juicing is an easy way to provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and the creators of Juice Market 101 deliver juices to help ease any ailments, including diabetes, inflammation or other chronic illnesses. Using only the freshest natural ingredients, Juice Market 101’s customized concoctions ensure a rush of energy and cleansing, helping your body to naturally detox and cleanse, putting you back on track for a healthier life.

Owner and operator of Juice Market 101 Chef Tomas Vallejo, Jr. has long been friends with me, being first introduced in 2012 when he was Sous Chef at an Atlanta restaurant where I was working. Immediate friends, Tomas expressed his interest in creating a health-conscious company that would deliver healthy options to people throughout the city. Tomas had previously been working with a company out of New York City when he and I began discussing their options for working together to create an online presence for Juice Market 101.

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Juice Market 101 & Working w/ Meredith

After transferring the domain names to my hosting, I created a completely custom website developed on WordPress for simplicity and the SEO integration options available in the CMS. Using information provided by Chef Tomas, I created unique content for the website, which serves to both inform visitors and increase online visibility using targeted keywords.

Meredith also developed an ongoing content marketing strategy, including creation of social media platforms and integration of those into the website, blogging and regular website updates. I continues to host and update Juice Market 101‘s website, monitor their incoming email, and track visitors to their website using online analytics reporting. I am their current Marketing Director, and manage their social media, advertising and provides regular website and shop updates.

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