My Yoga Scene Brings the Yoga Community Together

Owned by Isabelle Casey, My Yoga Scene was originally Atlanta Yoga Scene before Isabelle’s acquisition. Acting as a one-stop shop for everything yoga, Isabelle maintained the site as it was originally built with the Yoga Studio Directory, Events Listings, Blog and Community Spotlight. Wanting to bring the community into My Yoga Scene, Isabelle invited studios to update their listings in the directory, as well as send their yoga events for the Events Listing.

Since her acquisition of Atlanta Yoga Scene, My Yoga Scene continues to grow and thrive not only in the Atlanta yoga community, but reaching yogis across the globe from Aspen to England. Undergoing many changes to the appearance, My Yoga Scene has been updated to reflect modern times with the incorporation of a shop, a festival directory, a bi-monthly newsletter, huge events, and so much more!

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Meredith G. Loos’ Work w/ MYS in Atlanta & Boulder

I was first introduced to My Yoga Scene through a long-time friend who recommended that I try guest blogging for the website. Reaching out to Owner Isabelle Casey, I also offered her other services to help grow the website’s online presence, as well as blogging for the website. After their initial conversations, Isabelle and I met over lunch where she explained her goals and visions for My Yoga Scene and where she ultimately wanted it to be.

Isabelle and I, with the assistance of Grossi Web, brought the My Yoga Scene website to its current incarnation. Working with the MYS team, the Shop was integrated, offering local yoga goodies for yogis, updated the backed of the website for a more clean and cohesive layout, integration of current SEO tactics to increase online visibility, and several other business expansions.

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