Who is GoGetter Marketing Group?

GoGetter Marketing Group, Inc. is a small yet highly-efficient and knowledgeable marketing firm located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta. Providing their clients with the best marketing and advertising strategies, Marketing Director Sonja C. Williams bridges the gaps left by other companies and provides her clients with personalized service for every aspect of their business. Receiving top feedback from their clients, GoGetter Marketing Group, Inc. consistently provides their clients with top quality ROI they’ve built their brand upon.

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GoGetter Marketing Group & Meredith G. Loos

I began working with GoGetter Marketing Group, Inc. in late summer 2015 as a social media writer, as well as providing several clients with SEO integration, internal linking and updating content to reflect current market standards. I’ve continued to grow with the company, undertaking increased work with new clients. My current duties at GoGetter include not only SEO integration, new content generation, and social media writing, but also blogging, link-tracking generation, SEM campaigns and email marketing for GoGetter clients.

I work closely with Marketing Director Sonja C. Williams to ensure that her clients are pleased with all of my current assignments. I am constantly learning new skills in social media, blogging and campaigning, and continues to be grateful for the opportunity to work with GoGetter Marketing Group, Inc.

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After working the Sonja C. Williams and GoGetter Marketing Group, I have honed my social media marketing and management skills to expert levels. If you’ve been searching for an independent content marketer to take over your social media, schedule your free social media consultation with me today! Contact me online or via telephone at 770-713-3782.

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