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Muz Solutions is a full-service marketing and advertising agency in North Georgia, offering high quality service to clients throughout North Georgia and Tennessee through Pennsylvania. In addition to their marketing and advertising services, Muz Solutions also works with a highly-experienced video producer to create online or television videos for use by clients to increase brand awareness and visibility. In business for many years, Owner/Operator Joshua Muzyka holds a degree in Web Development and continues to learn the best techniques and tactics to increase his clients’ visibility and drive traffic, helping each startup and small business he works with overcome the odds and continue to thrive.

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Meredith G. Loos’ Work w/ Muz Solutions

I have enjoyed a long friendship with Muz Solutions Owner Joshua Muzyka, with roots going back to high school when they both grew up in the mountains north of Canton, Georgia. We spent many afternoons discussing life and spirituality, both participants in the Lake Arrowhead Youth Group at the Chapel, and our friendship continued throughout the years despite each going out and experiencing life.

I contacted Joshua in the Fall of 2014, inquiring if he had any need of a content writer with years of SEO integration experience. After speaking at some length, Joshua informed me that he would love to have her join his team, and I  was delighted to be able to work with Joshua’s growing company. Since the beginning of their working relationship, Joshua and I continue to provide Muz Solutions’ clients with ongoing SEO updates, including landing page and blog content, to increase their online visibility and conversions. Muz Solutions’ clients have enjoyed an increase in web traffic and a decrease in visitor bounce rate, which continues to help their businesses grow and thrive. I currently writes SEO content for several of Muz Solutions’ clients as well as Muz Solutions itself, with the goal of bringing in new clients in the North Georgia and Southern Appalachia area.

As a member of Muz Solutions’ small team, Joshua and I often discuss the best approaches to continue to bring new visitors to each website, and often have extensive meetings discussing the best tactics for expanding websites and targeted, SEO-rich content. Joshua has graciously continued to bring more work to me while offering additional services and protections within his company.

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