Who is Panamá Linda Tours?

Panamá Linda Tours is a transportation and tour company located in the heart of Central America. Originally established in 2013 by Humberto Ibarguen, Sr., Hafid Ibarguen, and Humberto Ibarguen, Jr., Panamá Linda Tours provides an elite transportation and tourism company without the company of others during your experiences. Their private tours allow clients to feel completely comfortable despite being in a foreign country. Humberto, Sr., the tour guide for Panamá Linda Tours, speaks fluent, clear Spanish and English, allowing their clients to completely understand and enjoy their experiences.

Family-owned and operated, Panamá Linda Tours incorporates their knowledge of their native Panamá to create unique and exciting tours for their clients – from the rainforests of the Darien Province with the indigenous Embera Indians to the vast Panamá Canal, from the Baru Volcano to Colon. Panamá Linda Tours continues to provide superior service to visitors from the United States, Asia and Europe. No matter what clients may be looking for during their trip to the Paradise of the Americas, Panamá Linda Tours is sure to excite, delight and accommodate all clients.

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Panamá Linda Tours & Meredith G. Loos

I’ve known co-Owner Hafid (Panama) Ibarguen for nearly 10 years, and first worked with him on his multi-lingual, multi-cultural online magazine, Real Atlanta Magazine. I quickly became the Managing Editor for all incoming English articles, working closely with Panama to plan, edit and upload the articles to the magazine as assigned. After reaching out to Panama in September 2014, I was brought into the Panamá Linda Tours team and started working immediately on planning an effective content marketing strategy that included social media, blogging, and a complete website redesign.

After several months of working with the Panamá Linda Tours team, I became the lead contact for the website redesign, working with the developer to ensure all of the elements from the directional were seamlessly executed. During that time, I also created an online content marketing strategy, including:

  • unique content creation for the entire website with effective SEO integration
  • keyword research and analytics integration and monitoring
  • establishing Panamá Linda Tours across several social media platforms
  • regularly blogging
  • performing content uploads
  • basic website maintenance

Additionally, I also respond to all client inquiries, works closely with the owners to create personalized transportation and tour itineraries to ensure each client is treated as valuable as they are.

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