Who is Evolation Yoga Atlanta?

Evolation Yoga, located in Midtown Atlanta, is beautiful yoga studio offering a variety of styles, including Vinyasa Flow, Gentle, Prenatal and Hot yoga classes for clients in the Atlanta area. Their studio features two spaces – a Sun Room for the heated classes and a Moon Room for the non-heated classes. Owned by Bryce and Tara Giemza, Evolation Yoga provides highly-qualified yoga teachers from a variety of schools, and offers teaching training from the Pranakriya School of Yogic Healing Arts started by Yoganand Michael Carroll and a 250-Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training program.


SEO Integration

Website Management

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Blog Integration & Writing


Meredith G. Loos’s Work w/ Evolation Yoga Atlanta

Meredith started working as the Webmaster with Evolation Yoga Atlanta early 2015 after an introduction from Isabelle Casey. Since becoming Webmaster, she has worked closely with the Marketing Team Lead, Sonja Crystal Williams, co-Founder of GoGetter Marketing Group in Atlanta, GA, Studio Manager Veronica Lewinger, and Studio Owner Bryce Giemza, to ensure the website is current with all upcoming events. As Webmaster, she integrated a blog into the Evolation Yoga website, and has contributed several blogs to the site. Additionally, she lends her graphic design knowledge to create banners featured on the home page advertising upcoming events.

As part of the Evolation Marketing Team, Meredith also works with Sonja Crystal Williams to create and manage SEM campaigns via Google. She received several trainings from both Sonja and her team at Google for the SEM campaigns, and her involvement will be increasing in these campaigns. In addition to Google campaigns, the Evolation Marketing Team also participates in other online advertising campaigns, including Facebook and Instagram.

Learn more about Evolation Yoga Atlanta by visiting their website. If you’re a yogi looking for a studio to call home in the Atlanta area, make sure you visit Evolation as your first stop – you won’t be disappointed!

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